Chapter 1 – The Beginning

The blood ran from Steve Serieux’s nose as he tilted his head back and held a tissue to it. He’s been in a fight, a bad one. It wasn’t his fault though – some berk from Preston had been shouting about St Walburge’s Church being the highest spire in the country, Steve had simply correct him and told him actually it was only the highest spire for a church that was not considered a cathedral (quite rightly) and he’d been set about by the man and his friends, all 20 of them. It ended in a bloody nose for Steve and 20 ambulances for the others.

“Why did you make me do it?” thought Steve. He was a ruddy nice guy and hated having to beat people to a pulp, but what choice did he have? None. “Being tough and nice at the same time is just so damn hard” he thought again – giving some more indication to you that he is a great guy.

Just then the phone rang. Steve picked it up “yellow” he answered, in a sing-song yet masculine voice. “We know who you are” came the voice…” be at the Grimsby clock tower at 2pm tomorrow, or we’re blowing your cover wide open”. The phone clicked dead, “hello? HELLO?” Yelled Steve, despite it being obvious that no one was there. “Darn it” he yelled “why can’t the world just let me live in peace?”. It looks like this was one invitation that Steve couldn’t pass up. But who could it be? He scanned his photographic memory for ideas and quickly assembled the top three choices.

  1. Dynamite Monroe. Steve had been parachuted into Columbia in 1998, his first top secret elite mission on his own. He was tasked with taking down an entire drug cartel led by Monroe. He’d successfully destroyed the cartel and it’s army with nothing but a knife and some string, which he used as trip wires, but Monroe had escaped. Steve blamed himself of course, even though it was categorically not his fault.
  2. Brian Silk. Silk had been plotting to destroy the world when the Brits sent Steve to sort him out in 2002. He’d invented a ray gun which could potentially blow up the sun and was threatening to do just that. Steve got there just in time, severed the power to the ray gun and along with it Silk’s mad dreams, however, despite Steve blowing up his research plant, Silk’s body was never found.
  3. Toby Wilson. Toby had been in Steve’s class at school and was always jealous of his career success and skill with the ladies. He was also a complete nob.

But which one could it be?

Echos from the Amazon

Echos from the Amazon, the new online novel by esteemed writer, Simone Le Teale. Coming soon.

Steve Serieux was a former army general gone freelance, a mercenary, a bad arse, a very serious man…but, he was also really ruddy nice. Let’s not forget that, he has to make some tough choices but deep down, you know, he’s a good egg. A solid egg.

He’s back in the UK and now a civilian, but what are these mysterious links drawing him back to the Amazon? Like echos of a former life, memories with no ties to anything. Will Steve carry on with his 9 to 5? Will he step back into the war he left behind? Let’s be honest, he probably will won’t he?

Over 25 free online parts we’ll find out what the heck is going on here and probably see why Steve Serieux was the only man who could save the Amazon all along (I expect).